Hi all,
A very dummy question.

Can ECTS awarded by 1 swiss university be combined with ECTS from another one to claim a Masters ?

e.g. Lets say ETH awards a MAS in Finance with 60 ECTS

A) ECTS from St Gallen CAS (finance domain) = 25
B) ECTS from Uni zurich (Finance domain) = 25
C) Masters thesis at ETH (finance domain) = 10

If I approach ETH after achieving A) & B) and request them to allow me to do C) and award me MAS in finance after successful completion of C) - will they allow that ?

If yes, can the ECTS from multiple domains (lets say finance & social science or finance and IT) be combined to request for a masters (lets say finance) as well ?

Apologies again for the dummy question.
Thank you for your help.