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    Covid 19 test cost

    Hi all,New to this forum thank you for the nice welcome in my previous post.I am frustrated and frustrated is an understatement!I need to fly back to Switzerland and the cost apparently of a Covid 19...
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    FedEx constant double billing

    Does anyone find FedEx sending them bills for services they already paid for? I use FedEx to send government documents to the States when necessary, and of the dozen or so time I've had to do, I've...
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    Sitting outside

    Restaurant are open and we can sit only outside. Did you see how many are close in Zürich as it’s not worth for them to open😓Well it’s the same for my brother who has a restaurant! Still close as...
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    Excellent service from Omega

    I know this is a complaints forum, but sometimes, good service shoud also be shared.A few months ago, I noticed that my Omega Seamaster 2254.50 had started to run noticeably slow.It had never been...
  5. hostpoint automatically charging us because somebody else wrote them an e-mail

    So, we were using hostpoint.ch (keeping to the straight facts so mentioning them by name) for years, for a website+emails hosting and it was all ok, from a technical point of view, pretty much zero...
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    Swisspost return policy

    Just recently I've shipped a heavy parcel to someone, who forgot to mention a recent address change (moved within the commune and didn't change the address on Ricardo). Understandable from my...
  7. Ripoff: Charging per minute to be told products won't work

    Hello everyone,There seems to be the perfect ripoff business model commonly accepted and getting worse, particularly in Switzerland (and probably most of Europe).It's where a company sells you a...
  8. Not getting post because postman doesn't have a key

    Hi there,Our post box is in the locked entrance of our building. Therefore the postman has to ring someone's door in order to gain access to give us our mail. I would assume he would have a key, but...
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    View Post

    Last year, i lost my job due to the corona virus (November).Today i received the interim Taxbill for 2021.They did not changed anything (unbelievable), i processed my taxes for 2020 at the end of...
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    Swiss payment systems

    Hello,Just ranting here but I am seriously tired of the Swiss banking system and how outdated they are for a "Banking" country. Like seriously...Orange slips and wire transfers for most payments?...
  11. Automatic extension of trial subscription by Mobility

    Hello Folks,I had taken a Mobility Trial subscription for 4 months in Dec 2020. This was extended automatically for 1 year by them in March this year (4 weeks before the end of the trial period).When...
  12. Sound Sensitive Owner right below my flat

    Dear all, I am facing a strange situation for me. The owner of my flat living just below me and she is super sensitive to sound. Speak once to the phone a little bit louder, next day complaints,...
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    Rant: ZTL in Italy

    Rant alert - no purpose other then venting. as last year, due to corona, I could not make holidays overseas, we went couple of time to Italy - by car. What we did not know about are the so called...
  14. Thread: What an idiot

    by slavikst

    What an idiot

    Some idiot order some stuff from Galaxus and although the tracking said it had been delivered, it was nowhere to be seen. Turned out he'd put the wrong address. The problem was between keyboard and...
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    Bad organisation Canton Vaud!

    The flaws in the Vaud vaccination system against Covid"Several young and healthy people were easily able to get vaccinated against Covid in the canton of Vaud, after going online and making a simple...
  16. Replies

    Irresponsible Stupidity

    Today, a fully grown adult was cycling on the pavement. A tram pulled up at the tram stop. She didn't slow down, and her body whacked my hand as she shot past. There's no gap between the tram and the...
  17. Romandie Energy, Late fees multiplied - can you dispute??

    Hello all,I have been having a discussion with my energey provider, Romandie Energy for a couple of months now. This began when I queryied a bill and found out they were charging an average of 4...
  18. Replies

    Awful people working at Kita

    My daughter who is 4 1/2, goes to a Kita in Zürich. Sometimes she acts a bit childish let’s say when they have to sleep after lunch or lie down to rest. Last time when she was being loud in the...
  19. Warning tricks makler large real estate agents beware when selling property.

    I wanted from a reputable well known swiss real estate agent to know price to sell property in 2016. It was free the valuation with all the glossy brochures and marketing on homegate etc.They then...
  20. Replies

    The case of the language certificate

    *Start Rant* So you know, you know need a language certificate if you want to apply for a C permit... The Kanton requires it. And so my story starts with me taking a language test day last year,...
  21. Replies

    phone conversation too loud

    Hello, Eventually I arrived to the complaints corner.One of my neighbors, flat right above, came knocking at 1h00 in the morning to complain I was being too loud. The issue is that my wife was asleep...
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    Switzerland Food is.....

    What gives? with the food in Switzerland.Of all the places I've eaten out at, I can count on 1 hand how many restaurants have good food. To be very honest In the past 100 or so Swiss restaurants...
  23. Replies

    Hockey Tickets during Covid.

    Does anyone know if I actually have to pay for my hockey season tickets?I have an abonnement for my wife and I which I pay monthly, however we have not been able to go to any games this year due to...
  24. Replies

    Swiss Post p*ssing me off!

    As the title says, Swiss Post are pissing me off. I don't expect anyone will have an answer to this, so it's more just a rant. I have got my Swiss Post online account set up, to automatically...
  25. Replies

    Swiss Blocking

    I swear I see this more in Switzerland than anywhere else I have traveled or lived, but has anyone else noticed the tendency of people here to just stop absolutely anywhere to talk, rest, ponder the...
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