Hi all... we may be moving to Geneva this summer (or during the winter - my wife's organization doesn't give much advance warning).
Our daughter currently attends an IB (International Baccalaureate) school in Hiroshima as a PYP student. We like the program very much.
I visited La Grande Boissière several years ago with a friend who's child is there and spoke with some other families and it seemed impressive. I know very little about the Campus des Nations, other than what I've seen from them on line. And currently we are leaning towards La Châtaigneraie - partially because we are looking to live in the area, and as we know one of my wife's colleagues has a daughter there.
Still, we aren't committed to any school yet, and would be interested to know about other IB schools in the area and to hear any experiences that people may have had.
The schools are very expensive (double the cost of our daughter's current school), so we want to get this right, and have as much prior information as possible. Thanks!

(Note: I come from an education background and taught primary and middle school children for many years. I understand the IB program and genuinely think it is a good fit for our daughter, so I'm not really looking to debate the pros and cons of the IB program. I am looking to find out more about people's feelings on the actual schools.)