Hello everybody,hope you're all doing well!I moved to Switzerland in December and would have a wee question in regard to living in Zug.Apparently, there's quite a (big) difference between a net salary in Zurich and in Zug. I'm living in Zurich at the moment but only until the end of June so moving to Zug is definitely an option.Now, is the difference you see on your payslip that significant?What are the pluses and the minuses of moving to Zug?Would you recommend staying in Zurich, moving to Zug, or maybe a third option I haven't even considered?After living in Dublin for years, the only thing I'm looking for is peace and quiet. Owning a car, I wouldn't be against living in a village either as long as the accommodation is decent, which in fairness is almost always the case here as I noticed.Also, my job doesn't keep me chained to the office chair so I can live almost anywhere in Switzerland. I would avoid the Romandie though simply due to exorbitant taxes.Every suggestion is more than welcome!Cheers