IN 2022 Zurich will allow people to buy cannabis through pharmacies and clubs, in a 3.5 year research study. The aim is to research the effects of standardized outlets and cannabis (THC) products on users. Producers as well as club owners can apply for a licence. The Government has smarted up to the realization that different ways of regulating and controlling the use of recreational cannabis should be investigated. Other objectives include "Organic" and "Local".---Quote---Once the legal basis is in place, the City of Zurich is launching the “Züri Can - Cannabis with Responsibility” pilot project together with the Zurich University Psychiatric Clinic. The effects of regulated cannabis use are being researched in a three-and-a-half year study. The cannabis study is intended to provide the basis for appropriate cannabis legislation at the federal level.---End Quote---Links:Stadt-Zuerich ( (