I am hoping someone can clear up my confusion about the Swiss system for older kids.
I've gone through the threads on here and have sort of figured out the basics about the Swiss education system but can't quite figure out what will happen with my older son when we move.
We plan to move around March next year, my younger son will be 11 (turned 11 this July) and we guess he will go to local school and after whatever integration classes he has(they vary by area I assume ?) will be put back a year into either year 5 or 6.
Our 15 year old however we are not sure whether he will be able to join high school in year 9. He turns 16 end of January. He has said he would rather learn the local language and join the local school than go international. He is happy to be put back a year or two to have time to focus on German. He is clever and finds it easy to learn but has about zero concrete future plans. His focus is physics and maths which leads me to my concern. I am aware that he wouldn't be able to go to Gymnasium with his lack of Latin and German. Would he be even able to go to vocational school or apprentice (the bit I have found the most confusing) or would he be pushed into something that wouldn't challenge him outside of the obvious language acquisition? I couldn't figure out if he will need to go to a private high school to try to graduate with Swiss matura or if he is better to be pushed into international which he really doesn't want as we intend to stay long term and he wants to settle in and make friends locally. Is graduating with a Swiss matura the only way to get into higher study in math and physics etc
Sorry lots of questions but I can't quite figure out how it would work.

I am sure I've grasped the sysytem wrong 🙈 please feel free to correct my mistakes and assumptions.