Hi everybody, my first post here :)

My family will likely be moving to Switzerland (Basel) next year, and so far, deciding about the education for my kids has been the biggest headache. I have read a lot of posts here on that topic, but still would appreciate some additional information. The kids will be 12, 9 and 7 at the start of 2022 school year, and are currently learning English and German (both as foreign languages; plus I guess they will have to learn French in school as their fourth language).

We are planning to stay at least several years, or even permanently, so I would like us to integrate in the society and not just live in the expat bubble.

However, we will not put our oldest kid in a public school - we are afraid of him being put in a worse stream, due to having to study in a new language, relocation shock, etc. He is currently great academically, and we do not want to "sabotage" his learning trajectory by putting hurdles we can avoid. We are thinking of putting him in a bilingual school (SIS Basel) so he can get used to study in both English and German, and to get both Swiss Matura and IB certificate (so he can go to Swiss university/ETH, but also have an option of studying abroad). International school would not be our choice, as I believe it would not prepare him for studying in German and integrating deeper (but please correct me if I am wrong about that).

In case he gets used to school here quickly, would it be possible to enroll him to (kurz)Gymi directly after primary bilingual school (at appropriate age)? Or the better path would be for him to get Matura in bilingual school and then go to university (of course, assuming he wants to go there)? One of the reasons for putting him in public Gymi would be costs (not having to pay for high school years in the bilingual school).

We are still on the fence for the younger kids; we recognise the advantages of having them in Swiss school from that age, but are afraid of them being left to fend for themselves there, especially since both parents will be working full time (and we are still absolute beginners in German, but actively learning).

I know I am thinking quite far ahead, but I do not want to accidentally close any education-related doors for the kids by making a wrong choice at this point. And if we have to leave Switzerland in 5-10 years, for whatever reason, I want them to have the most transferrable education/diplomas they can get.

Thank you for any info or encouragement :)