Dear Mothers,

My kid is in the second class in long gymi in kanton Zürich. In this school-year after the first semester his status became temporary and now from 3 subjects he gets 3.5. So he has two choices. Either repeat the the year, or go to a sekundarschule. They do not mention any possibility to make a supplementary examination at the end of the summer to pass.

We would be happy to get a chance for an extra exam, or let him pass with some kind of agreement.

We are planning to write a request for that. Regarding this can somebody give a good advice which kind of reasons could help to get a chance?

I need to find all the related rules in which cases the school should give a chance. As I heard the rules are the same in kanton Zurich for the gymnasiums. How can I find the legal rights/rules?

Thank you in advance for all the advices.