Hi Families,

two years ago, my family moved from the US to Zurich with our two sons, 9 and almost 12. We thought they were too old to go to local schools because they knew zero German. But by luck, we decided to give the local schools a try, since we thought we could always switch to international school later, and it was the best decision for our boys.

We made a few YouTube videos documenting our experience, and we hope it's helpful for other families as they try to make the same decision.

From Zero German to Swiss Local Schools: Full Interview with Swiss Education Consulting:https://youtu.be/MFNEGsAPMvc

Integrating into Swiss Public Schools | How We Learned German in Just One Year | Aufnahmeklasse: https://youtu.be/Roj8j10Dggo

Swiss Secondary Schools vs American Middle Schools: Gymnasium, Apprenticeships, Foreign Languages: https://youtu.be/77jJohF2Dy8

7 Culture Shocks: Swiss🇨🇭 Schools vs American 🇺🇸 Schools Major Differences: https://youtu.be/KVAlxVKARLM