Hello everyone - thanks in advance for the responses....

I came across a website called Tutor24.ch by searching online. The website works by matching potential students to tutors of variety of ages and subjects. You make a profile and then can contact potential tutors or students to offer your services or take on their services. On first glance, the website seems relatively popular with lots of students and tutors in my area.

I am actually looking at using the website both as a student and as a tutor. As a student I would be looking for German tuition perhaps once or twice a week. As a tutor I am looking to offer English tuition to adults or younger learners (I have a Cambridge CELTA and Primary teaching PGCE) to earn a few extra Rappen!

My questions:

Does anyone have any experience of Tutor 24 either positive or negative? Either as a tutor or student?

As a tutor declaring income from tutoring lessons - how did you record the number of hours, payments etc so that it could be declared for taxation? Is there a facility for this via Tutor 24?