We will be moving to the Zurich area from the US for a 2-3 year stay (with a possibility of staying longer) with children aged 8 & 11, going into 3rd/6th grades. We want them to learn German and feel this is home (not just a long visit) during our stay. They will know only a little German before our arrival, and we thought that a bilingual private school might be an easier landing (looking at Obersee, Terra Nova and SIS). There's the obvious cost issue. But I also wonder if it will be harder for them to learn the language (less pressure with other students speaking English, perhaps fewer DaZ resources since fewer kids come in midway through primary school). Also lack of neighborhood friends. However, I wonder if going to local schools will make for a stressful arrival and will also make the transition back to the US challenging, since my kids would be going into middle & high school upon our return. And how hard will it be for kids this age to learn both high German and Swiss German (I'm assuming they'll need both in the public school). Any thoughts / advice / experience with kids around this age? Thanks!