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  1. How will you refresh the paintwork on your car

    So my car is getting on in age and I felt that it's time to get a refresh, and spruce it up in time for Christmas, and welcome the new year..
    There are some scratches and battle wounds, but the...
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    Good Car Wash in the East

    Hi anyone know of any good car wash in the East? Non petrol kiosk though.
    In areas like between Tampines and*Kaki Bukit. And is there any that opens till late?
  3. Woman washes car with 'longest water pipe' from 10th floor to ground floor at Serango

    Woman washes car with 'longest water pipe' from 10th floor to ground floor at Serangoon North
  4. Having irritating creaking sound from door panel?

    Stop banging your door panel?*Dry rubber seal between doors*could be one of the reason*causing some irritating creaking sound. Simple, get some durable trim and rubber protectant dressing*and apply....
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    Designo mountain grey magno

    This is to share if you have a satin finish surface to detail.
    Had a chance to touch on a new AMG satin grey. It's my first time to come close with satin paint and a little bit tricky*especially to...
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    Duragloss Application tips/method

    Hi.. I guess it will be good for me briefly describe the application method in case you have forgotten..http://ecole-ar.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif
    Step 1 Part no #901 shampoo ...
  7. Leather and carpet cleaner, value for money, where to get!!

    Bought a 20mths old Trajet and the interior really needs to be clean up, where to get value for money Leather and Carpet cleaner that will work wonders...
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    anyone on sonax cc36 ppc?

    any bros here using sonax cc36? currently coated by a forum recommended applicator but am looking out if my current is still best value for money to do again after the 2nd yr.
    am just surprised no...
  9. Amici Enterprise - Carbon Shield Exterior, Glass and Interior Coating starting from $

    Get a collection of ultra-durable coatings, designed to shield vehicle's paintwork, upholstery, and glass against harsh contaminants with the Autoglym Carbon Shield Coating packages!
  10. Protect your ride's paintwork from harmful substances every day with Supremo Car! Aut

    https://www.mycarforum.com/uploads/monthly_10_2015/post-163646-0-06257300-1445155164_thumb.png * Here at Supremo Car Detailer, We take pride in our workmanship to ensure Supreme customer satisfaction...
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    Fast and Convenient Self Wash

    I am getting lazier in washing my car.
    But I wish to wash it myself.

    Any recommendation for All-In-One (AIO)*product that I can do in less than 20mins?
    Preferably something that I can...
  12. Thread: Meguiar's =(

    by doglas

    Meguiar's =(

    I wonder if anyone has got positive experiences with any of their products.
    So far I've used their quickwax and quick detailer. Wasn't really up to my expectations.
    Yesterday I bought their...
  13. Thread: Water Wax

    by doglas

    Water Wax

    anyone tried water wax like*Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax, is it really that good?
    so far, i only use*Meguiars interior and dashboard, each application can last me for a month or so.
    During the CB,...
  14. Drive a Brand New Car Everyday with KlarShield

    Restore and protect the brilliance of your paintwork today with*KlarShield™ Paintwork Assurance, the only paintwork warranty in Singapore. With our comprehensive warranty coverages, you’ll feel like...
  15. Sanitise your car now with Autoglym disinfection package as low as $39!

    Keeping your vehicle clean is more important than ever during the coronavirus crisis.*Sanitise your car no with the non-toxic & environmental-friendly disinfection package options from Autoglym!
  16. Coronavirus cleanliness could be damaging your steering wheel

    Coronavirus cleanliness could be damaging your steering wheel

    Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be very hard on leather.
    2020 isn’t an easy year for anyone. COVID-19 has changed...
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    Things to be careful after PPS?

    Hi all, would like to know what should I be careful after apply paint protection/coating? Something like should not wash the car for certain time till the coating settle??? Experience MCF bros please...
  18. DENSO Singapore - Free Cleverin Treatment With No Purchase Required

    From 14 to 28 June, DENSO Singapore and its partner workshops are providing
    FREE DENSO Cleverin Treatment Service*for car owners with no purchase required! * What is Cleverin? Cleverin, developed by...
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    Petrol station car wash

    Hey guys... this is not a thread to offend people who go to petrol stations to wash their cars...
    As usual... had sat dinner with my family... both sisters came home to eat..
    then my second bro in...
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    portable car polisher

    Hi guys, have anyone tried any portable car polisher? those that can plug in 12v or battery powered?
    thinking of getting one as hand polish very tiring and humid weather not helping..
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    Which one give the 'wettest' look?

    I have been trying various polishes, waxes, polymer, etc that give that 'wet' look. But I have yet see one that give a deep 'wet' look. The shine are either deep, but not that shiny or very shiny...
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    Anybody bought those portable car washer

    any feedback?
    as i look ard n all costs 150++
    thks all bros https://www.mycarforum.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png
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    Recommended car coating?

    Hi guys searching to do coating to protect my car paint as well as make it look more glossy. Looking at ceramic coating but there are so many and so many prices I also don't know which one to go for!...
  24. Maintenance needed after Paint Protection (PPS) Coating?

    Paint Protection*(PPS) coating*such as ceramic coating/glass coating comes with 3-5 years warranty protection.*Is maintenance needed*annually or after 3 year? Or if it a apply and forget coating?...
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    Using hose in mscp

    wonder how many bros/sis here use hose connected to the paying taps to wash their cars in mscp?
    saw a guy using a hose @ a mscp near my place, so now thinking of getting a hose & sprayer too. ...
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