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  1. Cannot cancel order on mediamarkt.ch
  2. mail order- conned
  3. First experience of seeing a Doctor in Zurich
  4. Shoot the parents!
  5. Bank doesn't give me my money
  6. 2-year Serafe bill?!
  7. People not offering their seat to elderly, injured or heavily pregnant ladies
  8. Lycamobile Fraud Call and possible data leak
  9. Online shopping mockery: Cal*******
  10. Swiss Post - Damaged Parcel
  11. Any chances to sue the employer?
  12. Terrible hairdressers on Swiss !!
  13. Water filter
  14. gender inequality
  15. Assymetrical interest on taxes
  16. Where we can go to complain speilgruppe
  17. Chinese tourist invasion
  18. Travel or not to Asia
  19. Slow Internet with Sunrise. They ignore our complaints
  20. Nordace sent the wrong product
  21. Galaxus / Digitec
  22. Why is nothing being done about Alts?
  23. Tradesman Complaint: Sunshades
  24. Kitag! Who do they think they are!
  25. Fachhochschüle health and safety gone mad
  26. Consumer protection bureau
  27. Removals didn't reserve parking
  28. Third World conditions in Zürich
  29. Complaint on Rega
  30. Third World conditions in Zürich [toilets]
  31. [Rant] Speeding fined for overtaking ebike...
  32. Swiss Child being kicked out of the country because the father rejects his responsabi
  33. Minergie standard and airborne viruses like Coronavirus
  34. Noise from baskeball love neighbor kid
  35. I got scammed by a tax/accounting firm in Nyon
  36. E-Bikers --> Steer Clear
  37. Profiteering tactics by grocery stores in Switzerland in times of Coronavirus
  38. Whats on your doctor's invoice
  39. 1st May: no public holiday
  40. Make yourself heard in hospitals if you wait for too long
  41. Facebook Marketplace
  42. Microspot - refund/repair question
  43. Illegaler bike-trail
  44. Ugh...rude shop owners. Don't they need business right now?
  45. Excessive bill from lawyer
  46. Over protective neighbours :)
  47. What is wrong with POST CH?
  48. La poste - Need to rant.
  49. Damage to Parquet from Pfister Delivery
  50. Bicycles with no lights at night... incresaingly common.
  51. Bicycles with no lights at night... increasingly common.
  52. Rolling coal
  53. West Swiss & Talking French
  54. Lawyer Bill for reading my email/phone conversation
  55. Understanding doctor bill
  56. Hairdresser refung - Consumer rights in services
  57. Trolls........
  58. Hairdresser refund - Consumer rights in services
  59. Damages incurred by window cleaning company
  60. Charges by Tax filing agent
  61. Fake promotions by SamsungSchweiz
  62. E-bike too heavy to load onto the train
  63. Apartment renovations
  64. Package from Post stolen! Any advice?
  65. Swiss Post Blunder
  66. Neighbor problem
  67. Hospital 'forgot' to do 2 things during my surgery.......
  68. Large number of calls from call centres, but never any person on the line. Why?
  69. Mask dodgers
  70. I feel like my flatmate doesn't understand what "quarantine" means...
  71. Moving company refuses to cover damages
  72. Rant: Motor Homes slowing down traffic
  73. SBB fine for 38 seconds late ticket
  74. Health insurance fees for moving
  75. Ricardo stupidity...
  76. Fust AG! Avoid at all costs.
  77. 50% Aktion stickers - Not always half price
  78. Rude Customs guy
  79. Salt - a carton box for 25 francs
  80. Zurich All Zone Season Ticket
  81. Galaxus next day delivery
  82. coop delivery charges
  83. Swiss German in School
  84. What the frick am I missing about Die Post's package delivery policy?
  85. Swisscom & UPC Internet Access
  86. Christmas markets cancelled Zurich
  87. Porch pirates in Switzerland?
  88. I'm getting cranky
  89. Awful experience: Engel & Völkers real estate agency
  90. Maurer messed it up
  91. Swiss (traffic) police - what a joke
  92. Church bell
  93. AirBnb Dishonest Bait and Switch Ripoff
  94. Travel ban
  95. Paying my rent for additional months
  96. annoyed by eBay
  97. Terrible Interdiscount service! Can I sue them?
  98. Neighbor complaint about exterior lighting
  99. Shocked first time at Lidl and rubbish
  100. Neighbour smoking weed... (Smell awful)
  101. LinkedIn overcharges you if you live in Switzerland
  102. Working with very Swiss people
  103. Complaint from above neighbor. Please HELP!
  104. Electricity used to do Major maintenance in my apartment
  105. Worst Corona excuse
  106. Swiss Blocking
  107. Swiss Post p*ssing me off!
  108. Hockey Tickets during Covid.
  109. Switzerland Food is.....
  110. phone conversation too loud
  111. The case of the language certificate
  112. Warning tricks makler large real estate agents beware when selling property.
  113. Awful people working at Kita
  114. Romandie Energy, Late fees multiplied - can you dispute??
  115. Irresponsible Stupidity
  116. Bad organisation Canton Vaud!
  117. What an idiot
  118. Rant: ZTL in Italy
  119. Sound Sensitive Owner right below my flat
  120. Automatic extension of trial subscription by Mobility
  121. Swiss payment systems
  122. Provisorische Steuerrechung für 2021
  123. Not getting post because postman doesn't have a key
  124. Ripoff: Charging per minute to be told products won't work
  125. Swisspost return policy
  126. hostpoint automatically charging us because somebody else wrote them an e-mail
  127. Excellent service from Omega
  128. Sitting outside
  129. FedEx constant double billing
  130. Covid 19 test cost
  131. This weather is so depressing!
  132. What is with some women? No self respect!!!!
  133. Complete incompetence of Rendita
  134. Got banned from local store for demanding a mask
  135. missing package- delivered yesterday,but nowhere to be found
  136. Random furniture dumping
  137. Increased vandalism and 'unsocial' behaviour around Seefeld
  138. targeted marketing
  139. Front camera on COOP self-scanning devices
  140. Problem with refund from alltickets.ch
  141. Gerofinance Vaud
  142. Noise coming from nearby restaurant
  143. V__ is back - thanks mods!
  144. "One should not simply ride a Zuri rollt bike outside Zurich"
  145. To go or not to go, a covid question!!
  146. Ingorant businesses (Eswatini)
  147. Emergency forms
  148. New to Ch— autocratic, big brother mentality
  149. THE HEART OF SPORT - Faking it
  150. How to recover belongings from someone - help
  151. Mail order fraud or why you shouldn't put your full name on your letterbox
  152. Irresponsible dog owner
  153. Argh - cold callers!
  154. Not a Lot of fun
  155. Hard Sell
  156. Worst summer ever?
  157. False positive
  158. Sunrise - Be careful
  159. Switzerland not on the UK green list
  160. Angry from Manchester writes to complain about EasyJet…
  161. Is a verbal agreement legally binding?
  162. AMAG Audi leased at 60,000 km breakpads had to replace at 67,000km
  163. Abused for wearing mask on Bus!
  164. EF is being discussed on Reddit
  165. #beanbandits