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  1. Why is the voter turnout so low in Switzerland?
  2. Swiss Gondola drops to earth
  3. Greens surge in today's Swiss election results
  4. Dr Einzig.....i cha sauft Schwyzertüütsch
  5. Fighter jet flying low and very fast
  6. Voting (Help)
  7. National Council election ballot paper
  8. Switzerland election: Green parties make landmark gains
  9. Essex lorry deaths: 39 bodies found in shipping container
  10. Turkey Syria offensive: Trump lifts Turkey sanctions after deal
  11. Is Alain Berset a neo Nazi?
  12. Ibex hunting in CH
  13. And just when you thought Switzerland was "normal"
  14. Swiss yacht sinks after hitting buoy near Cowes. U.K.
  15. Swiss prosecutors search Vitol, Trafigura offices
  16. No more Superman? - Last working phone box decommissioned.
  17. Duty free for all! - Tariffs on industrial products might be abolished
  18. Primary school bans certain Christmas Carols
  19. Interesting animations in Swissinfo article
  20. Switzerland switches off nuclear plant
  21. Ellen DeGeneres and Victorinox Watches
  22. Federal Council Elections
  23. Worth paying for a ticketed area for [Zurich] New Year
  24. Initiative-logement 9/2/2020
  25. Genève VS highway in France
  26. Voting - Canton BE
  27. Support Laderach! Stop LBGT Bullying
  28. Geranium police vs. naturalization applicant 0-1
  29. schweizerische volkspartei (SVP) calls for Coca Cola boycott
  30. Luzern Shopping Hours Changing?
  31. CIA spying based in Zug, supported by the BND!
  32. Military Service (Switzerland - Italy Bilateral Agreement?)
  33. Conspiracy beliefs on the rise...
  34. terrorist attack stopped in GE on 2019
  35. Swiss village to be evacuated for ten years
  36. Reference Interest Rate down to 1.25%
  37. SVP trying to end the lock down after the 19th of April.
  38. New to the forum
  39. This must be THE Swiss saying by excellence!
  40. Bomb Roboter in use at Zurich HB
  41. Is Geneva council the new USSR?
  42. Additional taxation of flights to/from Suisse
  43. Another hardened criminal off the streets!
  44. SBB demands end to working from home due to COVID-19
  45. A conspiracy theory
  46. EU travel restrictions
  47. Information about entry restrictions
  48. My partner is stuck in Japan :(
  49. Fête des Vignerons 12mil in debt
  50. Aargau SVP National Councilor Andreas Glarner
  51. Beaches closed and swimming in Neuchâtel lake not recommended
  52. Terrorists in Switzerland?
  53. Were you covered by chocolate in Olten?
  54. CH - EU agreemeent on immigration at stake.
  55. Swiss ID cards
  56. Petition to change Swiss COVID-19 response?
  57. Monetary policy: Is hyper-inflation on the way?
  58. (EU)-Usländers!
  59. Human rights for primates
  60. Not good news for those in NE and VD
  61. Not good news for those in NE and VD [Covid]
  62. New inheritance law. (2020/21)
  63. UK and Switzerland as high risk countries as well?
  64. Julius Baer and a murky story...
  65. Minimum wage Genève
  66. US and UK off the quarantine list ? !
  67. Upcoming vote , komzernverantwortungsinitiative [Responsible Business Initiative]
  68. Upcoming vote , konzernverantwortungsinitiative [Responsible Business Initiative]
  69. Hans-Heinrich Zweifel ‘Mr. Potato Chips’ dies at 87
  70. Where can I find the differences between Green Party and Green Liberal Party?
  71. Political system in Switzerland
  72. Switzerland: Secret deal with China
  73. RIP Flavio
  74. CS criminally prosecuted
  75. Arrivals from South Africa ?
  76. 200 Brits Escape from Verbier
  77. BAG COVID Figures
  78. UBS branch office closures
  79. Vote 7th March 2021
  80. Those bastards at admin.ch [Structure, links to laws changed]
  81. Tomorrow is groundhog day!
  82. Neuchatel and Jura taxes & benefits
  83. Zoom etiquette
  84. Equal rights for women
  85. Moûtier leaves Bern and joins Jura
  86. Swiss army women to get women's underwear
  87. Letter from SECO
  88. Swiss/EU negotiations: what's the bottom line?
  89. Vote June 13th 2021
  90. Basel offers homeless free one-way ticket to European destinations...
  91. How representative of Zürich is the NZZ [Neue Zürcher Zeitung]?
  92. Swiss F-5 Tiger fighter jet crashes near Melchsee-Frutt
  93. Country of origin
  94. G7 global tax deal (& impact on job market)
  95. (UK) Colin Pitchfork get's out of prison
  96. Biden Putin Summit Geveva 16 June
  97. Scool's Out!
  98. Tessiner are the most ...
  99. We're # 1 (Switzerland tops World Competitiveness Ranking)
  100. F-35: those who think the USandA suck at sales are wrong
  101. Neue Volkspartei
  102. RIP Marco Borradori.
  103. UBS Cantonal Competitiveness Indicator 2021
  104. Quarantine?
  105. Vote September 26th
  106. UK & Switzerland deal re healthcare access and travelling
  107. Death on the Reuss
  108. Switzerland's ICU Shortage and Hospital Closures
  109. Züri Can - Cannabis with Responsibility